Find a Career. Find Happiness.

WorkReady360 Engagement is an evidence-based industry recognized program for individuals and teams looking to increase workplace productivity, retention, and happiness. Validated engagement assessments which have proven to build confidence and communication between peers & leadership.

"The program allowed me to start engaging with my agents in a more meaningful way once I understood what was important to them. I didn't realize how close I was to losing my best employees."  

Supervisor, Real Estate agency

A professional resume, cover letter, LinkedIn Profile & interview coaching will decrease the time it takes to identify employment opportunities, be invited to interviews, and receive offers.

Our corporate cornerstone Enage⎮360 Employee Engagement workshop provides a spark in employee productivity, retention, & workplace happiness. 

We offer the most complete, customizable, and predictive talent assessment experieince in the human resource industry. Streamline and simplify your hiring process and decrease costs.

Our Enage 360 Corporate workshops guarantee to unpack great insights about your employees and workplace environment. Workplace engagement is at an all time low resulting in lagging productivty, low retention rates, and overall unhappiness. (Learn more)


What book are your currently reading?

After serving in the military, the initial question they asked me in my first civilian interview was, “what book are you currently reading.” I love the creative ways employers reveal nuggets of talent during interviews, but...

Enage at work? Are you Happy?

Over 70% of workers are not engaged in the workplace. This means there a lot of unhappy workers. Learn to engage at work and increase your happiness.

Optimize Your Job Search Using LinkedIn

Employers are using LinkedIn as their first source of job candidates's professional history. There are simple, but effective ways to optimize your profile.