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What is Career Development?

The ability to find meaningful employment starts with understanding your interests, work values, and needs. Secondly, be able to describe your skills & talents as a benefit to the company. Career development includes more than a beautiful resume, but your ability to articulate your skills and past results on paper and in person. 


A resume is formatted for each position, clearly describing your ability to perform a task, the skill required, and past results. Your resume must tell an enthusiastic and memorable story. 


Choosing the right storage for your career documents will save you time and reduce your stress. Using a cloud-based service allows quick distribution.


Communication is critical, and ensuring your resume and other documents are well-formatted grammatically is vital. Human resource departments only spend 15-20 seconds per resume or use applicant tracking systems to choose the candiates for interviews.  


Linked is the new resume and most emloyers HR departments will use LI profiles to quickly qualiy candidates. Make sure your social media channels are telling a consistent story.


Designing your resume for mobile viewing is essential in our world today. Learn how to tackle making your resume mobile-friendly.


Career development is all about the ongoing maintenance of your repertoire. Best practices recommend keeping a tasks-skill-result journal to track your professional growth. 

About Me

"My name is Andrew, and I am the Head Engagement Coach at WorkRedy360.com. I utilize my knowledge to show you the only things you need to focus on to increase your professional happiness...that means getting an awesome job."

— Andrew Appleton, USMC Veteran

Certified Resume Writer and Interview Specialist.

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